John Stack

Digital Director at the Science Museum Group. Previously Head of Digital at Tate and Editor of Contemporary Artists Series at Phaidon Press.




Rhizome | Global Audiences, Zero Visitors: How to measure the success of museums’ online publishing
- Thursday Mar 26 - 6:55pm

An excellent evening of pizza, wine, coffee and conversation with @cb_sexton on digital in museums.
- Wednesday Mar 25 - 9:10pm

RT @robgethers: Tate Wins the Internet: >Nice one @Stacker
- Wednesday Mar 25 - 9:05pm

RT @deirdrenotes: Digital transformation & online communities in cultural orgs: my thoughts @DigitalFWD include @tate @Stacker & @ukmcg htt…
- Wednesday Mar 25 - 12:43pm

Reconsidering searching and browsing on the Cooper Hewitt’s Collections website #MW2015
- Sunday Mar 22 - 9:13am

Is a Museum a Database?: Institutional Conditions in Net Utopia | e-flux
- Sunday Mar 22 - 9:02am

The Smithsonian's design museum just got some high-tech upgrades
- Sunday Mar 22 - 8:48am

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