John Stack

Digital Director at the Science Museum Group. Previously Head of Digital at Tate and Editor of the Contemporary Artists Series at Phaidon Press.



Projects with the kids

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RT @sciencemuseum: Head to level 2 to see the results of #smHack, including #MuseumEgg which tracks your visit & gives you a note of your f…
- Wednesday Feb 22 - 8:32pm

RT @MathieuLoutre: Spent two days @sciencemuseum for #SMhack and together with @claudiatoia & @matthewoyoung we made…
- Wednesday Feb 22 - 8:32pm

RT @davepatten: Come and see what we've been up to at the Digital Hackathon on the 2nd floor #smlates
- Wednesday Feb 22 - 7:48pm

RT @sciencemuseum: We invited 70 wonderful people to join us today and tomorrow to hack the museum using our new online collections #smHack
- Tuesday Feb 21 - 7:26pm

Really fun first day at the @sciencemuseum hackathon #SMhack
- Tuesday Feb 21 - 7:25pm

RT @nelsonic: Hack The Museum @sciencemuseum Hackathon off to flying start! using the #OpenAPI to make fun things! #SMHack…
- Tuesday Feb 21 - 7:22pm

RT @MarDixon: Hooray people showed for #smhack and we have awesome tshirts :-) @sciencemuseum @davepatten @donundeen
- Tuesday Feb 21 - 7:22pm

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